My Decorating Thirst

This is a little introduction on how and why Stylish Party Ideas (SPI) came about. I was born with the need and strong desire to decorate. Throughout my life’s circumstances I found the need to deviated from my calling, doing other things other than what I love to do. My gift which is to decorate and make things beautiful was only a distant thought that hunt me every second of my life.  Today  I have made a decision,  this is my commitment. After a very long journey I have decided to pursue my happiness and share it with the world.  You are welcome to follow my journey. I now feel empower through my faith to follow my dream.  I will let my faith guide my steps with the ultimate goal to use my ability and resources to Serve People In (SPI) need whatever that may be.  My vision is through the resources obtained from this initiative that  SPI proceeds to use it forward to help our communities, our children,  empower women, education, and people like me to follow their dreams, and always dream big.. We all have a gift, that we often choose to ignore. I have decided to use my gift. I’m looking forward to see where it will lead me. You will be my witnesses.  I’m interested to see where this journey will take me and my followers.  I’m relying in GOD to guide my steps and open doors I have all my trust in Him! So let us see how He works.. Stylish Party Ideas ( SPI ) a work in progress. Attachment


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