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Paris Love

Diane James flower bowl
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Polka dot mug
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Parisian home decor
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Today I was Empowered

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I have not blogged for a minute but today I need to share the great experience I had at the PreMadonna Empowerment Brunch in Atlanta. I answered a request via Instagram and won a complementary ticket to attend the event.  I was not sure if I was going to attend.  The devil is busy and tried to set doubt but I’m learning that with GOD you have no fear!!  Let me tell you, this young black woman is a true inspiration.  Beauty, smarts, humility, humor, but overall honesty.  She came in with a candidness and sense of humor that ignited the room.  You know her presence (I’M HERE) when she steps in a room.  I’m sure the people that follow her know that and more about her.

I really didn’t know much about her but what is portrayed in social media, I started to follow her based on the positive messages and tidbits she offers in her Instagram.   Wow!! Can I say Wow!!  Not sure what this brunch would bring.  I went in with a sort of open mind but a tad bit of skepticism and presumption that this was just going to be an average Saturday venture.  Well, can I say I was completely WRONG!!!  She shared from the moment she came in to the very last minute of the event.  The information was insightful, detailed and impactful.

Not only did she take the time to share about her start up but share many “NUGGETS”  as she called them not limited to detailed websites on how to start your online business or information on how to write a book.  My biggest take away was that I was not alone in my business struggles. I learned that this is part of the process.  It was REAL, relatable, honest, humorous at times but overall informative.  She truly went in with the task to give back and she did..  Today I am energized ready to continue this hard journey.  When I went to this event today I was at a point of considering closing my brick and mortal (physical store) and downsizing the online business.  But I’m here to tell you today, that the Lord is good and puts you in the right place at the right time.  Thank you PreMadonna you have empowered me to continue in this journey and not to give up.  I recommend everyone to go and hear this young black woman speak it’s well worth your while…   Oh can I say as an added bonus I walked away with a bag full of goodies… I see a little tiny waist in my future.


I recently had my 43rd birthday on Mother’s Day weekend.

Is funny how perfect we are created. I have no children not by choice but my husband and I have not yet been blessed with the gift of giving life or parenting. Nonetheless, I don’t feel left out of the celebration because I get to rejoice on celebrating my own gift of life.

How perfect are we created by our creator?  Every detail of our lives is so perfectly crafted.  Never thought about it this way before but now after my newly walk with Christ I see things so clear.  Can I tell you?  GOD IS REAL!  At 43 I’ve learned that it is ok to be vulnerable.  The art of being exposed was never to my liking.  But today I have realized how freeing it is to let things go, not worried about being judged, not loved or trying to over compensate for the missing links in  my life? There is only one that can make you whole.

Today I come to you as all of me; naked, stripped from the things I thought would define me to tell you it is OK to just be.  You’re a perfect being with all your imperfections and you are LOVED!!  It is such a perfect love you will always get what you need, what’s best for you with no compromise.  Eliminate the thought of what you think is best, stop! Listen and live the life that has been prepared for you. In this Journey after living almost half a century I began to do what I love, my gift.  As a creative individual I take joy on making beautiful things for other people.  I like to bring joy with the art of entertaining; I enjoy making others feel comfortable, thought of, loved, and appreciated.  I enjoy helping people create colorful lasting memories with my craft.  I loveeeeeee to decorate…

This was always a distant thought, I never thought it could be a reality but as GOD came in to my life so did the things I always dreamed about.  I’m blessed with a wonderful husband, a loving family (church family), and the ability to work in my craft allowing me to give back. I’m happy to announce that Stylish Party Ideas a labor of love after two years of drafting, thinking and dreaming has opened its doors, a storefront in the city of Villa Rica, GA.  2 years in the making you put GOD in the mix and it happened within a week!!  Isn’t HE wonderful!! HE puts you in right place at the right time with the right people by your side and then magic happens.

Listen when you’re in business with GOD you better be prepare for the Super that is going to be added to your Natural…  Yes!! Supernatural is the best way to describe what has been happening here.  We were guided to a place; the rent was the exact dollar amount we had prayed for, the terms were just perfect for our current situation.  Doors just began to open. There was nothing I thought of that wouldn’t be manifested within days sometime hours.

This could not be possible without the over whelming support from friends or as I may say family (our church family) that GOD had put in our path. I know this is HIS plan for me. For the first time I have developed a horizontal connection with HIM that have allowed me to tap in to the life GOD has planned for me.  Now, as a human you would think we would just accept the Supernatural… Nooooooo, I can’t help wonder; what’s the catch?  I told my husband who seems to get this GOD business better than me… “I’m scared, everything I think we need we get” In a true men fashion he when on to ask “well, isn’t that what you want?  Why ask if you are going to question when it is given to you?” And I replied “But still is scary, I don’t want to fail” I’m not there yet but I am starting to learn that we are worthy and HE wants to gives us everything we need to carry HIS purpose. Now, I just want to give, give, give… But I don’t understand I don’t have anything to give. I mean we give time, we serve, but in our natural way of being… We want to give things that are measured in monetary value…  I’m being prompted to put myself and our business of service but not sure why when we have nothing to offer.

Soooo now I’m struggling with my purpose.  I know I have been given this for a reason…  I don’t want to fail!!!!  This is my true life story no happy ending it just a journey…  Stay tuned for what’s next…  I’m sure GOD has more surprises in stored for us.  FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION BUT THE FUEL TO MOVE FORWARD WITH GOD’s PLAN…

Today is a happy day!!

Spring is here! All things Spring: Coffee Filter Decor Series

Hello to all my crafty and décor curious friends,   
I would like to invite you to participate in this new series "All Things Done with Coffee 
Filters".  It amazes me all the beautiful things I can do with this product allowing me to 
create shabby chic party décor. I will show you how to dye the filters to get the desire 
color scheme and use the end product to embellish and accessorize accent pieces.  You will 
learn how to create beautiful coffee filter roses in different shades. 
They are so beautiful you won't stop making them.  
I hope you join me in this journey and enjoy it as much I did.  
This DIY decorating idea is inexpensive the featured material is user friendly and as an added bonus 
it has a delicate yet simple look, giving it a soft, heavenly, elegant texture to the design.
We will begin the series showing how to dye the coffee filters to get the desired color 
scheme for your DIY project.  
I chose a white, cream, pink, rose, mauve, and coral color scheme 
since I want to use my desired color palette to show you how to create the coffee 
filter roses to go with our spring kick-off series.  I will share pictures on how I used the roses
 created to accessorize other pieces.  Here is a sneak peak of one of the first item.
You will need the following materials:
  • Coffee Filters
  • Water
  • Food coloring (or you can use tea or coffee for earth tones)
  • A container of your choice to mix the water and food coloring big enough to soak the filters
The coloring is super, super easy.  I would suggest starting light with the coloring and 
increasing the intensity of the color as you reach the tone desired.  Dip the coffee filters in the 
water for a few seconds, squeeze the excess water and place flat to dry.  I would 
recommend allowing 24 hours drying time.  Now we are ready to commence the process.  
See picture of the finish product below:  These coffee filters are colored and ready to use. 

Stay tuned for our second session on how to create these simple but beautiful roses...  Just think how many beautiful, 
amazing things you can create with one pack of filters under $2.00...  Everything we are given is a gift it just takes our
 perception to change, look at things from a different perspective in order to see the wonderful potential of the things that 
surround us given to us as a present from the creator.  Much luv to all from Stylish Party Ideas!!


My Decorating Thirst

This is a little introduction on how and why Stylish Party Ideas (SPI) came about. I was born with the need and strong desire to decorate. Throughout my life’s circumstances I found the need to deviated from my calling, doing other things other than what I love to do. My gift which is to decorate and make things beautiful was only a distant thought that hunt me every second of my life.  Today  I have made a decision,  this is my commitment. After a very long journey I have decided to pursue my happiness and share it with the world.  You are welcome to follow my journey. I now feel empower through my faith to follow my dream.  I will let my faith guide my steps with the ultimate goal to use my ability and resources to Serve People In (SPI) need whatever that may be.  My vision is through the resources obtained from this initiative that  SPI proceeds to use it forward to help our communities, our children,  empower women, education, and people like me to follow their dreams, and always dream big.. We all have a gift, that we often choose to ignore. I have decided to use my gift. I’m looking forward to see where it will lead me. You will be my witnesses.  I’m interested to see where this journey will take me and my followers.  I’m relying in GOD to guide my steps and open doors I have all my trust in Him! So let us see how He works.. Stylish Party Ideas ( SPI ) a work in progress. Attachment

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